PSI Simco-Ion partnership

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland is pleased to announce we have been appointed as the new representatives in Ireland of Simco Nederland BV.

Simco Nederland BV develops, manufactures and supplies ionisation equipment with the brand name Simco-Ion to industrial companies all across the EMEA region.

As worldwide leader, Simco-Ion products provide a perfect solution for many static electricity related problems in industrial applications. Their expertise also lies in optimising productions processes with electrostatic discharging or bonding, measuring and data logging, cleaning surfaces, and detecting pin holes and leaks.

Key industries benefitting from Simco technology include plastics, packaging, graphics, medical and pharmaceutical, automotive, converting, wood, and fibres.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland is proud to become the official distributor in Ireland for all Simco-Ion anti-static technology, delivering you benefits in both costs and performance.

Our alliance with Simco-Ion perfectly complements our existing partnerships with world-leading manufacturers in the fields of pneumatics, sensors, and vacuum technology, and further cements our position as a leading supplier of all components for industrial automation processes.

By working with Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland, you will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Multi-disciplined expertise – we have in-depth specialist knowledge of literally tens of thousands of products and components from Simco-Ion and our other partners
  • Rapid response time – we guarantee a same-day response to all queries
  • Personal service – we pride ourselves on developing close relationships with all clients, and getting to know their machinery and processes.
  • Expert advice at all times – our close client relationships means we are uniquely placed to provide best advice and service at all times

No matter what your needs are, we can meet them by giving you exactly what you want, not what we happen to have. That customer-driven approach has seen us developing excellent working relationships with clients across Ireland, in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Galway, and several other locations, and we look forward to serving you satisfactorily too.

For any questions, demonstration or production optimisation advice on Simco-Ion products, visit our dedicated Simco-Ion site by clicking the image below, or just get in touch with us.

PSI Simco-Ion site

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