DeSoutter battery assembly tools

Desoutter is a leading source of pneumatic and electric industrial solutions and tools, covering a wide range of manufacturing and assembly processes in automotive, general industry, aeronautics and light industry sectors.

The innovation and quality of Desoutter solutions is rooted in ‘pro-active customer responsiveness’ – i.e. ensuring that the needs of the end user are the starting point for all tool design and production processes. Desoutter’s reputation is built on delivering what the user needs – not on convincing the user that the need what Desoutter has.

That’s a philosophy we share at Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland, and it’s why we’re proud to be a recognised Desoutter partner for Ireland.

Desoutter – making perfect ‘Ergosense’

Ergonomics involves designing tools in such a way as to optimise the interaction between it and the operator. This is a core principle of how Desoutter operates – and they have coined the term ‘Ergosense’.

Ergosense allows you to pick the best tool systems and make sure they are correctly utilised. It looks at four main areas:

  • People – the operator and anybody else in the vicinity

  • Workplace – Considering all factors, including lighting, heating, dust, and noise

  • Task design – Considering workstation design and its impact on how a task is performed

  • Tool selection – Considering factors such as shape, size, torque, emissions, etc., to select the right tool for the operator and the task.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland has in-depth knowledge of all Desoutter tools and their applications, and by employing Ergosense, will find the perfect solution for you.

DeSoutter electric assembly systems

Desoutter tools

The Desoutter range includes the following:

  • Battery assembly tools
  • Electric assembly systems
  • Electric screwdrivers
  • Pneumatic fastening tools
  • Torque measurement systems
  • Pneumatic advanced drilling units
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Pneumatic tappers
  • Pneumatic riveting
  • Compression tools
  • Pneumatic grinds
  • Pneumatic sanders
  • Auto feed drills & tappers
  • Air motors
  • Accessories

Desoutter Industrial Tools

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland has extensive knowledge of all tools in the Desoutter range and can provide expert advice on the best match for your particular needs. Just contact us today.

Desoutter maintenance & servicing

Desoutter uses dedicated software to customise a preventative maintenance plan for all tools in all applications, employing such considerations at annual cycles, cycle times, torque settings, etc.

This keeps tools at their best, and reduces maintenance and repair/replacement costs. Some tools are also eligible for extended warranty cover. Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland can advise on all such matters – just ask us for information on anything you wish to know.

DeSoutter torque measurement systems