di-soricFor over 30 years the di-soric corporate group has specialized in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation.

Thanks to continuous innovations they have a vast product range available. This range includes high-value LED lighting, machine vision and ID systems. di-soric have different kind of technologies in their production / in house like ultrasonic, capacitive, inductive, led lights and vision sensors.

Follow this link for branch informations & brochures – https://www.di-soric.com/en/di-soric-branch-informations-63326.html

This family owned company currently employs over 200 members of staff. Their customer base includes small and medium sized companies as well as international groups and numerous car manufacturers.

Close customer contact and continuous market analysis allow di-soric to identify and implement new or improved product standards immediately. Customized devices are another strength of the di-soric production department.

PSI di-soric sensors range overview

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