SchunkSchunk are world leaders in clamping technology and gripping systems, providing expertly-engineered solutions for everything from the largest chuck jaw programme down to the smallest parallel gripper. A dedication to constant innovation and development sees Schunk maintain its global ranking, and with more than 11,000 standard components, Schunk offers the world’s largest range in the field.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland are Schunk partners for the Irish marketplace, and will identify and source any Schunk component to meet your application needs – often within 24 hours of first contact.

Schunk clamping technology

Schunk has been offering the best solutions for the best results for more than 50 years. Using Schunk technology is the key to ensuring efficiency, safety, and high precision in your processes in chip removal machining.

The extensive range of Schunk clamping technology components includes:

Machining centre

  • Tooholders
  • Quick-change pallet systems
  • Pneumatic clamping systems
  • Hydraulic clamping systems
  • Stationary lathe chucks
  • Manual clamping systems
  • Tombstones
  • Magnetic clamping technology
  • Vacuum clamping technology
  • Hydraulic expansion technology
  • Accessories

Lathe components

  • Chuck jaws
  • Lathe chucks
  • Toolholders
  • Steady rests
  • Clamping cylinders
  • Accessories

Grinding machines

  • Tool grinding
  • Magnetic clamping technology
  • Hydraulic expansion technology
  • Accessories

Schunk Products

Schunk gripping systems

Schunk has been setting the international benchmark in gripping systems for decades. The first industrial-suited grippers from SCHUNK were a milestone in assembly and handling automation. Since then, they have brought countless newly and further developments to market. All are consistently oriented to the requirements of users, applications, and markets.

The range of Schunk gripping systems components includes:

  • Paralell grippers
  • Centric grippers
  • Angular grippers
  • Magnetic grippers
  • Gripper swivel modules
  • 4-finger grippers
  • O-Ring grippers
  • Grippers with shaft interface
  • Hole grippers
  • Traction belt fingers
  • Accessories

Schunk also produces and develops an extensive range of robot accessories and handling components for all applications in all industry sectors.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland has extensive knowledge of all Schunk components and their applications, and will be glad to assist in selecting and supplying the perfect match for your application needs. Just contact us today.

Schunk – solutions for all industries

Schunk remains dedicated to technical creativity and solution orientation to provide process advantage to clients in all industries worldwide. Some of the core industries that Schunk has successfully provided with know-how and experience for many years include metal production, automotive, electronics, measurement and control technology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, food and beverages, printing and packaging, and many more.

It means that no matter what your needs and no matter what your industry, there is a Schunk solution for you. Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland will help you find it and benefit from it.