Simco-IONSimco-Ion is the world’s largest manufacturer of static control (charge generation and neutralisation) and particle contamination control (electrostatic attracting) components and systems.

It has built up an unrivalled reputation since foundation in 1936 through providing such solutions to a huge range of industries worldwide. You can be assured of enjoying maximum reliability and performance from any product in the Simco-Ion range, thanks to eighty years of ongoing research, engineering, and development.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland is proud to be the exclusive supply partner for Simco-Ion in Ireland. We can advise on the entire Simco-Ion range and its ability to tackle static and particle contamination issues in your automation processes. We can tailor a bespoke solution for your own particular applications, and we can generally supply the product(s) you need within just 24 hours of receiving your order.

Control – Improve – Increase

At Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland, we share Simco-Ion’s goals of helping you to control costs, improve operations, and increase quality. We approach each application with unwavering intent to understand unique client needs, and formulate the relevant solutions. This approach has earned and continued to earn ongoing partnerships for Simco-Ion with a diverse range of industries worldwide, and we look forward to developing a similar Simco-Ion relationship to meet your evolving needs.

Simco-Ion Products

The Simco-Ion range includes the unique IQ-Easy Platform, which connects up to 30 (anti) static devices into a network via the Manager IQ Easy. It is a unique concept that makes it possible fully control all parameters and let devices interact with each other to optimise efficiency. The product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars and static charging equipment including special products for IML.

Other items in the Simco-Ion range include:

  • Anti-static bars
  • Ionising airblowers
  • Ionising airknives
  • Ionising air guns
  • Ionising air nozzles
  • Associated power units
  • Inline ionisers
  • Static bonding charging generators, charging bars, and charging electrodes
  • IML (In Mould Labelling) systems
  • Web cleaning systems
  • Static measuring systems
  • Perforation detection systems

Industries Served

The Simco-Ion portfolio of systems and products has applications in a diverse range of industries, including the following:

Industrial Applications

  • Printing/Binding
  • Plastics/Packaging
  • Web Handling/Converting
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Food Production
  • Personal Care
  • Automotive

Technological Applications

  • Front-End Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Printed Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Back-End Semiconductor Processing
  • Flat Panel Display Manufacturing