Cleaning a Moving Web

The Problem

It may be necessary to remove particles from a moving web for the following reasons:

  • Remove particles that can damage material during winding or stacking
  • Remove particles prior to printing, coating or laminating
  • Remove particles for quality assurance for food or medical grade products
  • Remove particles after cutting, punching or slitting

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The Solution

Simco provides a range of products for surface cleaning. Selection of the most suited systems depends on a number of factors:

  • Width of the material
  • Speed of the material
  • Is contact by brushes allowed
  • Level of cleanliness desired
  • Quantity of particles
  • Web tension
  • Space restrictions in the machine

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Used Products

Surface cleaning systems CleanION

Surface Cleaning Systems CleanION

Dust is attracted by static electricity. Whenever there is static electricity or a static charge present, dust(small particles) from the surrounding area will be attracted. Sometimes dust from many meters around the charged object will move(with aid of some turbulence in the air) towards the static charged material or object.

In many cases this is problematic since dust is unwanted in many critical production processes because it contaminates the product. Also dust on surfaces of objects do not appear clean but dirty and therefor lack a quality finish.

Cleaning with conventional materials is not always an option and also in many occasions conventional cleaning methods do not work properly when static electricity is the cause of the attraction of the dust. The attraction of dust provides for many problems in the print industry but also in other processes like injection moulding, bag making, sheeting and slitting.

The best way to go forward to tackle the problem is to use dust removal equipment.