Manual dust removal in Automotive Applications

The Problem

In various paint and coating applications it is important to remove dust particles from surfaces before spray painting. This is done to obtain an optimum quality. Dust particles that cannot be removed, can become entrapped in layers of paint and varnish and therefore cause loss of quality and loss of efficiency. The removal of dust particles with conventional means, such as brushing away with a cloth or blowing off with compressed air, is not always sufficient. If static electricity plays a role, other measures are needed.

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Conventional ways of cleaning like rubbing and brushing can make the dust problem worse. Especially plastic materials are sensitive for building up static charges and rubbing it would only increase this. For that reason it is important to eliminate the static charges and thus remove the mutual attraction of dust particles to the surface that needs to be painted.

A Simco-Ion ionising blowgun is used with a double purpose by blowing ionised compressed air. It’s a flexible and efficient solution for removing both static and dust particles in a single treatment. Simco-Ion therefore advises to always use an ionising blowguns before spray painting any surface.

Why using ionised air and not just compressed air?

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Removing a dust particle from a surface with compressed air without ionizing air is very ineffective. Compressed air causes – just like wiping the surface with a dry cloth – new static charge, which increases the attraction of dust particles. Much more air and force are needed to move the dust particle. In addition, if the dust particle escapes the air flow, it will easily be attracted back to the surface. Conclusion: the dust is only moved but not removed!

The Solution

By using ionised air for blowing away dust particles, the static charges on the dust particles and the target surface are neutralized. Afterwards there is hardly any attraction between the surface and dust particles. The dust particles are carried by the air and effectively removed from the surface. The surface remains neutral and will not attract dust again.

Introduction the new 24V Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun, without high voltage cable, Simco increases flexibility and safety. The Cleanflex Easy is a high quality ionising blowgun which can be used for cleaning and neutralising in heavy duty production areas. Especially for the automotive industry, the Cleanflex Easy is constructed with materials and components that do not contain silicone.

Standard features are the 24V DC input voltage with integrated power unit, lightweight and ergonomic design, full hand trigger, 70-degree adjustable nozzle, low noise and reduced air consumption, hand and pull down, LED indicator and automatic ionisation on/off.

Cleanflex Easy

Cleanflex Easy

The Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun can be used for cleaning and neutralising surfaces. It’s unique features, not seen in any other ionising guns, make it very versatile to use. Ergonomic, hand or pull down, less air consumption, low noise, better blow-off force.

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