Prevent Air Inclusion

The Problem

Static charge can be used to bond 2 materials together to prevent air entrapment. Applications that benefit from this technique are:

  • During bagmaking, parts of the bag are held together to prevent air inclusion during finishing.
  • A roll of bags or film will be much tighter without air inclusion.
  • Sticking material to a cooling roller without air inclusion optimises the cooling process.

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The Solution

The materials that need to be bonded have to pass a charging electrode. Opposite to the charging electrode a ground reference is positioned, e.g. an idle roller. A static charge can be applied ranging from 3 kV to 120 kV depending on the material thickness, speed and adhesion force required.

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Used Products


HDR Charging Bar

The HDR charging bar suits high velocity applications. Each individual point being fitted with a resistor, so the chance of spark-over is strongly reduced.

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CM5 30


CM5 is fully backwards compatible with ECM30/60 and ECM DI30/60.
For basic users a quick set-up menu is provided to set-up the generator to function as an ECM30/60. The Menu is available in English, German, French and Italian.
The new standard function Current Control will enable you to set a constant current vs a constant voltage. This will provide a much more stable charging and will compensate contamination and emitter pin wear automatically.

Advanced Current Control is a revolutionary new feature. The generator keeps track of the supplied current to the electrode. It senses when there is no material to be charged and switches the current to a safe low level. This prevents sparkover and emitter pin wear. When material is reinserted the current will switch back to the high level current.

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