Static Eliminators

Simco-Ion Europe Offers a Variety of Static Eliminators

Static electricity can be troublesome in many production processes where non-conductive materials such as plastic, paper, wood and textile are processed. Specially during the winter months when outside humidity is low and inside the air is dry, static can cause many problems. In many processes like printing or a coating process static needs to be eliminated for safety and quality purpose. Static control can be of major importance if production processes work with isolated (non-conductive) materials.

(high) static charges can result in production problems like:

  • Restriction in machine production speed
  • Undesirable attraction of dust and particles
  • Unwanted electrical shocks to production employees.

On the market are two ways to remove static electricity: the passive and the active method. If the static has to be removed in a professional and controlled manner modern industry is choosing nowadays for the active method. Active removal of static electricity is done with high voltage ionisation equipment. This equipment produces positive and/or negative ions to remove static electricity from your products. If your product is negatively static charged it will attract positive ions and when charged positively it will attract negative ions.

Simco-Ion Europe has been developing and producing this ionisation equipment for over 60 years now. In our products program you will find several product for the removal of static like: Ionisation-bars (AC and DC), -air nozzles, -air blowers, -air knives and -power units.

A static charge remover needs to be used to solve the problems. There are many different Static eliminators produced by Simco-Ion Europe differentiated by the different applications, the way to operate or the place where they can be mounted or put. Please click on the link of the different types to find the right type of static eliminator for your application.

Different Static eliminators

There are many different Static eliminators produced by Simco-Ion Europe differentiated by the different applications, the way to operate or the place where they can be mounted or put.

Manager IQ Easy

IQ Easy Platform

The IQ-Easy Platform connects up to 30 (anti) static devices into a network via the Manager IQ Easy. A unique concept that makes it possible to fully control all parameters and let devices interact with each other to optimise efficiency. The new products that belong to this family all have the unique feature of 24V DC supply voltage. The product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars and static charging equipment including special products for IML.

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Ionising Bars

Simco-Ion anti-static bars or industrial static eliminators generate an electrical field which causes the air molecules in the vicinity of the bar to break down into positive and negative ions. The antistatic bars come in different lengths that vary from 20cm up to more than 5 meters depending on the type. Also the housing of the static eliminators ranges from very small (24x27mm) up to larger sizes that align with the working distance to the material. There are many options.

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Cleanflex Easy

Ionising Guns

Ionizing air guns neutralise static charges on several materials and clean the surface using ionized compressed air. Neutralising the static charges makes it easier to blow-clean the surface and prevents dust and dirt particles from being reattracted. The compressed air used for this purpose must be free from oil and water.

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Blowflex Easy

Ionising Nozzles

Ionising air nozzles produce a high-velocity ionised air flow which simultaneously cleans and neutralises static charges on parts and materials. The nozzle uses compressed air and provides a pinpoint ionised air source for being used in critical cleaning and static neutralising systems. Nozzles can be fitted and installed in many configurations to meet specific requirements since they are small and easy to install.

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Ionising Blowers

Ionised air blowers are used to neutralise plastic film or three-dimensional plastic products, i.e. injection moulded automotive parts. The main purpose is to prevent dust attraction to the products. Dust particles can stick to the product surface and cause quality problems to the final product. Also, ionised air blowers are applied to make sure personnel do not receive any unpleasant shocks.

The main advantage of simco-ion ionised air blowers is that the ionised air, drawn for ambient air, is blown towards the electrostatically charged product. Emitters create ionised air and integrated ventilators blow the ionised air towards the product. Because the air covers the complete product, ionisation is effective on the complete surface of the product. The air volume can be adjusted easily on the blowers. Additional air inlet filters can be applied to clean incoming air and ensure optimal ionisation results.

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Air Knife with the Performax Easy Ionising Bar

Ionising Airknives

A Simco-Ion anti-static bar with airknife combine the effects of air amplification and ionisation to produce a high-velocity “sheet” of ionised air (amplification ratio as high as 25:1). This combined effect can be used for static neutralising and dust removal in a single operation, for instance in the automotive finishing, printing, packaging, plastics and textile industries. The airknife is very compact and does not have any moving parts.

Simco-Ion anti-static bars produce an electrical field which causes air molecules to break down into positive and negative ions. These ions are picked up by the high-velocity airflow produced by the airknife and propelled into the work area where they neutralise the charged surface or product.

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In-Line Ionisers

The Conveyostat® has been designed to neutralise static charges on materials in pneumatic conveying systems. In-line ionisation eliminates clinging and clogging in tube systems due to static electricity. Production need no longer be interrupted to declog the system, which will save precious time. The location of the Conveyostat® is established in conjunction with the Simco-Ion consultant, based on the client’s problems.

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A Unit

Power Units

Active ionisation equipment operates on high voltage. The power units transform the main.

Voltage to the high voltage required by the ionizer. Connectable Main Voltages are 110Vac and 230Vac. Connectable frequencies are 50 and 60HzThere are different types of power units available. Power units are easily connected and operated and don’t need any maintenance. Below you find the different types of Anti Static Power Units produced and delivered by Simco-Ion. All Anti static power units can be used as input for the ac static eliminators. All Power units have multiple output connections depending on the type of Power Supply chosen.

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