Air Knife with the MEB Ionising Bar

A type MEB shockless anti-static bar combined with an airknife come in standard lengths. The compressed air is blown across the high-voltage points over the entire width and amplified by the ambient air carried along. The air flow is saturated by the positive and negative ions produced by the anti-static bar. The air flow neutralises the static charge, enabling any contamination to be easily blown away.

Air Knife with the MEB Ionising Bar

Air Knife with the MEB Ionising Bar Highlights

  • Working distance up to 1000 mm
  • Surface cleaning
  • UL certified
  • Up to 2 m length

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  • Working distance: 1000 mm max.
  • Removes dust and other contaminations and neutralises the static charge and prevents retraction contaminants
  • Shockless touchable emitters

Technical specification

Working distance 1000 mm max.
Working width Standard: 76 150 310 460 610 mm,
lengths upto 2000 mm on request
Housing material Aluminum
Inner bar material PVC
Emitter pins special alloy
Cable Metal shielded
Weight 3 kg/m
Ambient temperature 0 – 55 °C
Use circumstances Industrial
Operating voltage 7 kV AC
Air consumption On request
Pressure Max. 10 bar
Airconnection 1/4” BSP
Option Airfilter
Suitable power unit A2A7S/MPM
Approval UL

Product specification