Top Gun

Simco-Ion’s Top Gun III is developed for light industrial applications. A high ion production attend to an optimal neutralisation of static charges. High blow-off force and low air consumption provide high-efficiency cleaning. A filter at the exit of the gun ensures that the air is clean. The gun body is lightweight and durable. It features a light-touch trigger, making it comfortable even for extended use.

Top Gun

All functionality is built into the gun, including a flowcontrol valve, and a two-level LED which indicates if the gun is in ”stand by” mode and if high voltage is currently active. Both the gun and cable are static dissipative. A hanger is provided for easy mounting. One gun can be connected to one power unit.

Top Gun Side Kick

The Top Gun Sidekick offers handsfree operation. A foot pedal controls both ionization and airflow. The Top Gun Side kick includes a flexible mount feature with a bracket for flexible positioning.

Top Gun Highlights

  • Lightweight
  • Airfilter
  • Flowcontrol valve
  • Surface cleaning

Full control of static electricity in your production process thanks to the IQ Easy Platform


  • Working distance: 300 mm max.
  • 3 metre cable
  • Suitable for light industrial applications
  • A filter at the exit of the Top Gun ensures that the air is clean
  • Twolevel LED which indicates if the gun is in “stand by” mode and if high voltage is currently active
  • A hanger to hang the gun is provided as standard

Technical specification

Working distance 300 mm
Housing material impact resistant plastic
Ionisation point special alloy
Cable static dissipative, 3 meter
Weight 0,8 kg incl. 3 metres cable
Ambient temperature 0 – 40 °C
Use circumstances light industrial
Operating voltage 5 kV AC
Noise level 76 dB using 2 bar at 60 cm
Air consumption 68 l/min. using 2 bar
Max. pressure 7 bar
Airconnection 1/8” NPT female
Suitable power unit Top Gun III power Unit
Airfilter 0,01 micron

Product specification