Blowflex Easy

Blowflex Easy is an in-line ionising air nozzle for neutralising and cleaning various surfaces. The nozzle is connected to a 24V DC power supply and incorporates all high voltage parts. It is highly efficient due to a special patented high frequency high voltage generation. A green LED shows when the nozzles is in operation. A quick disconnect 8mm hose connection is standard. If desired an ¼” BSP air nipple can also be used instead of the quick connect nipple.

Blowflex Easy

Mounting positions can be adapted to the situation, using the Simco-Ion universal mounting brackets, M8 threaded holes in the bottom, or 6 mm holes in the side. When using the holes in the side, an extra cover plate is provided to complete the housing. The housing is completely IP66 making is suitable for environments where frequent cleaning is conducted.

A wide range of output configurations are available to enable efficient ionised air distribution for many applications.

Blowflex Easy Highlights

  • 24V DC input, standard M12 connection
  • Multifunctional; optional ionised air output configurations
  • IP66
  • Status LED


  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC nominal
  • Compressed air 1 – 7 bar (15 – 100 PSI)
  • Connection G ¼’’ female thread and 8 mm hose connection
  • Protection class IP66
  • Weight 180 g

Technical specification

Supply voltage 24 V DC nominal
Energy consumption Max. 0,3 A DC
Connection M12, female, 5 pole
Compressed air 1 – 7 bar
Clean and free from oil
Connection G ¼’’ female thread and 8 mm hose connection
Output connection G (= BSPP) ¼’’ female thread
Use circumstances Industrial
Protection class IP66
Ambient temperature 0 – 55°C
Weight 180 g
Housing PC-ABS / PUR
Universal Mounting Bracket PA66/6

Product specification

User Manual

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