Linear 6 Point

Simco-Ion Europe offers various electrodes, including the 5 Point, Linear 6 Point and the Pinner Claw, specifically for spotcharging small surfaces. These electrodes are also ideal for edge charging in cast-film extrusion processes. The material applied permits high temperature use. The electrodes are resistor-protected to avoid sparkover. The points are replaceable.

Linear 6 Point

Linear 6 Point Highlights

  • Small spot charging
  • Single resistor protection
  • Durable construction
  • 6 point linear

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  • Charging electrode
  • Working distance: min. 12,5 mm
  • Number of emitter pins: 6
  • Dimensions: Length 166 x Ø 20 mm

Technical specification

Working distance min. 12,5 mm
Housing material PTFE
Ionisation points special alloy
Cable high voltage cable
Weight 0,3 kg/m
Ambient temperature 150 °C
Use circumstances industrial
Operating voltage 0 – 30 kV DC
Suitable power unit ECM Lite, CM5

Product specification