SMC Pneumatics

SMCSMC are recognised worldwide leading experts in pneumatics, offering a vast range of over 12,000 basic models and more than 700,000 variations to respond to day-to-day automation needs.

SMC offers solutions from air preparation, instrumentation, through to valves and actuators, covering practically every single step in the automation process.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland founder, Michael Murphy, has extensive knowledge of all SMC products and components, having himself worked for SMC in the past. This means that Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland are ideally placed to guide you through the vast SMC range and source and supply the correct component for your application needs – usually within just 24 hours of your first contact.

SMC Pneumatics – a commitment to excellence

SMC Pneumatics has built and maintains its world-leading reputation on three main platforms:

  • Technical development

  • Production & supply

  • Sales & communication network

With a dedicated team of thousands working worldwide in those three sectors, SMC continues to enjoy its standing of being among the most successful and progressive enterprises in the world. Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland reflects that commitment to excellence too, and so we are the perfect choice of partner for sourcing and supplying all SMC Pneumatics products.

SMC Pneumatics Products

The SMC Pneumatics range

The more than 12,000 basic models and more than 700,000 variations of components in the SMC Pneumatics range fall under the main headings:

  • Directional control valves
  • Air cylinders
  • Rotary actuators/air grippers
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Air preparation equipment
  • Modular FRL/pressure control equipment
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Fittings and tubing
  • Flow control equipment
  • Silencers/exhaust cleaners/blow guns/pressure gauges
  • Switches & sensors
  • Static electricity elimination equipment
  • Process valves
  • Chemical liquid valves/fittings & needle valves
  • Process pumps
  • Process gas equipment
  • Industrial filters/sintered metal elements
  • Temperature control equipment
  • Electric actuators/electric cylinders
  • High vacuum equipment
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Pneumatic instrumentation equipment

For expert advice and guidance through the massive SMC Pneumatics range, contact Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland today.

SMC Pneumatics – on top of the game

SMC Pneumatics is a regular winner of prestigious industry awards worldwide, thanks to its dedication to precision, reliability, and R&D. With applications in all industry sectors, SMC Pneumatics will deliver that award-winning excellence to your operation, no matter what your field.