Pneumatic Cylinders

At Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise on pneumatic cylinders and their many applications and benefits.

We understand how pneumatic devices can often provide motive power in more flexible, more reliable, safer, and cheaper manner than electrical devices, and why they are therefore so important to your operation, whatever it may be.

Whatever your pneumatic cylinder needs, you can count on us to meet them.

We have fostered close working relationships with industry leaders, and we are official distributors of:

We also source and supply pneumatic cylinders for all applications from a large number of other manufacturers.

We guarantee a same-day response to all orders and requests for advice, and our aim is always to promptly supply the component you need, no matter how specialist it may be. In many cases, we can have the pneumatic cylinder you need, at your site, within just 24 hours.

Pneumatic cylinders have a wide range of applications in manufacturing and other industry. At Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland, we can not only advise on repair and maintenance of your existing pneumatic components – we can also offer advice on upgrades to help make your processes more efficient and profitable.

Components our expert staff can guide and advise on include:

  • VDMA cylinders

  • ISO cylinders

  • Compact cylinders

  • Pin cylinders

  • Guided cylinders

  • Dual road cylinders

  • Rodless cylinders

  • Stainless steel cylinders

  • Spring extended cylinders

  • Spring retracted cylinders

  • Washdown cylinders

  • Cleanroom cylinders

  • Rotary actuators

  • Two-finger parallel gripers

  • Three-jaw grippers

  • Electric cylinders

  • Electric grippers

  • Electric actuators

In short, whatever your pneumatic cylinder needs in Ireland, we’ve got you covered.