Vacuum Pads

Small, but vital – that’s an accurate summation of vacuum pads (suction cups) and their application in industrial automation technology.

At Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland, we have expert in-depth knowledge of vacuum pads and their multiple applications in processes of all kinds, across a broad range of industries.

We pride ourselves on our proven ability of sourcing and supplying the correct vacuum pads for all automation needs, often in just 24 hours, by using our experience, expertise, and European network of supply partners.

We are official partners of such world-renowned manufacturers of vacuum pads as:

We also partner with other manufacturers to guarantee our ability to deliver you the vacuum pads you need, when you need them, for the application they’re needed for.

Our range of vacuum pads includes:

  • Flat vacuum pads – with a rigid and low profile, for lifting heavier loads
  • Single bellows vacuum pads – with a pliable outer rim, and a bellows to compensate for variable stack heights
  • Multi bellows vacuum pads – which collapse under vacuum, to simulate a short cylinder lifting stroke
  • Universal vacuum pads – to handle all flat or slightly curved surfaces
  • Oval vacuum pads – with heavy lifting capabilities, due to rigid design and large vacuum work area
  • Deep vaccum pads – ideal for curved and irregular surfaces
  • Miniature vacuum pads – ideal for small components such as computer chips and other electronics
  • Speciality vacuum pads – ideal for handling porous materials

Characteristics of all vacuum pads we supply include:

  • Outstanding functionality and quality

  • A range of shapes, material, and sizes, to support an extensive variety of applications

  • Engineered for longevity and reliability

Applications include:

  • Lifting

  • Placing

  • Moving

  • Insertion

  • Conveying

  • Gripping

  • Holding

  • Loading

  • Clamping

  • Transporting

  • Repositioning

  • Turning