FestoFesto is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of pneumatic and electrical automation technology. Its goal is improving your productivity, and offering the right solution for every requirement in both the factory and process automation sectors.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland is a distributor for all Festo products in Ireland, serving a wide range of industries. We provide expert advice on all components in the Festo range and their application, and we can source and supply any Festo product you may need, often within just 24 hours of initial contact from you.

Festo factory automation – for increased productivity

Automation technology takes over routine tasks such as gripping, moving and positioning parts, modules of complete products in a typical factory environment. Festo has for many years been providing the technology necessary for such automation – from individual components up to complex customised solutions and systems.

Its range includes pneumatic, servo-pneumatic and electrical drive technology, along with valves and manifolds. Sensors, intelligent camera systems and controllers are employed to provide perfect control chain communication. Festo also provides expertly engineered systems for treating and monitoring compressed air, as well as hoses and screw connections.

Festo expertise is employed in a wide range of industrial sectors – including automotive, electronic, printing and packaging, semiconductors, and the solar industry.

Festo process automation – for supreme safety

Festo also develops custom automation solutions in consultation with clients, in all manner of demanding project phases from engineering to operation and maintenance. Such expert process automation combines automation and process engineering, and delivers supreme safety during ongoing operations.

Relevant industry sectors include, for example, water and sewage technology, chemical engineering, biotech and pharmaceutical, food and beverage production, the oil and gas industry, power generation, and mining process engineering. This places a wide range of demands on the technologies, solutions, and products employed, but Festo delivers a smooth and reliable manufacturing process by measuring, controlling, and regulating all factors involved.

Festo Products

Festo products

The Festo range of products includes:

  • Pneumatic drivers
  • Servo-pneumatic positioning systems
  • Electromechanical drivers
  • Motors and controllers
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation systems
  • Pneumatic fitting systems
  • Electrical connector technology
  • Control technology and software
  • Process automation systems
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Other pneumatic equipment

For expert advice and rapid supply of the Festo components or systems to meet your specific needs, contact Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland today.

Festo – looking to the future

Festo has been an innovator at the forefront of factory automation processes for many years, and remains dedicated to research and development of new systems. Extensive research and development is currently being conducted in areas such as mechatronics, the latest simulation technologies, microsystem technology, and intelligent components for Industry 4.0. It means that by working with and choosing Festo, your systems will meet the demands not only of today, but of tomorrow too.